Project SNOWstorm

A recent spike in the population of lemmings has led to high levels of nesting success for Snowy Owls. Given the irruption of juvenile Snowy Owls, opportunities for studying migration, causes of illness, and predatory behavior have never been higher. CTT is working closely with Project Snowstorm to retrofit these owls with small GPS-Cellular transmitters to track movement, location, and activity.

Turbine Collision Prevention

Major conservation concerns for Bald and Golden Eagles are collisions with wind turbines and power grid elements, and loss of habitat from human encroachment. CTT is working with researchers who are collaborating with United States Fish and Wildlife Service and who have received support from organizations such as ALCOA to retrofit small, fully-featured GPS-Cellular transmitters to answer questions about migration paths, nesting locations, and hunting patterns. These data are critical for determining locations for new infrastructure and developing policy to protect these wonderful birds.

Endangered California Condors

Due to poaching, lead poisoning, and habitat destruction, the California Condor is among the world’s most rare birds. CTT supplies GPS-GSM transmitters to aid in monitoring and recovery of a population once extinct in the wild. Research is continually ongoing to improve case ergonomics, reliability, and maximization of data collection to provide researchers such as the USFWS and San Diego Zoo to have the best tools for understanding Condor behavior.