The founders of Cellular Tracking Technologies have over 40 years of telemetry research experience between them. In 2007, when not satisfied with the current products on the market, they created Cellular Tracking Technologies in order to bring the newest innovations and highest levels of service to the wildlife research market. Here at Cellular Tracking Technologies we are a close knit crew that constantly strives to make improvements to our telemetry units and data visualization systems for both customer and our own satisfaction. In 2017, we are celebrating our 10th anniversary as the world’s leading wildlife telemetry company.


Michael Lanzone


Michael Lanzone is the main developer of Cellular Tracking Technologies’s product line. Michael is a research biologist with a history of developing technical solutions to solve data collection problems for scientific research programs.


Casey Halverson


Casey is the Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of Cellular Tracking Technologies. He is a software and electronics engineer with a proven track record of developing innovative applications for a wide variety of customers.


Andrew McGann

Product Specialist

Andrew’s career began with a desire to work with globally-operating wildlife conservation organizations. To that end, he has garnered 12+ years of professional field experience in academia, NGO’s, government agencies, and environmental consulting firms. At Cellular Tracking Technologies he applies his unique combination of systems-level thinking, love of technology, and appreciation of geography to help wildlife researchers and organizations around the world obtain the critical information they need through customized hardware and software solutions.


Jason Benedict

Head of Manufacturing

Jason Benedict is the Lead Manufacturing Technician of Cellular Tracking Technologies product lines. Jason has 15+ years of Electronic Manufacturing and Electronic Assembly processes from various global companies. Jason has a strong background in electronic PCB manufacturing and testing procedures of numerous electronic assemblies.


Jeannine Parvin

Office Manager

Jeannine brings a background in database development and administration to Cellular Tracking Technologies. Previously she managed a hemispheric wide database and on-line reporting system for tracking the movements of color marked shorebirds for a consortium of researchers. Since 1998 she has been a volunteer with the International Shorebird Team banding and sighting shorebirds during their spring stopover along the NJ Delaware Bayshore.


Bob Fogg

Lead Server Developer

Bob brings to CTT an innate interest in bird movement patterns and has a decade of experience with developing information systems relating to birds. Bob develops and maintains Cellular Tracking Technologies’s data interface, back end databases, data backup, and server infrastructure.


Sheldon Blackshire


Sheldon is an embedded software engineer with a Masters degree in Aerospace Engineering from West Virginia University. He specializes in developing new product features, improving power efficiency, and developing innovative case ergonomics.