Wildlife Movement Research: Cost per Data Point

How much is your desired dataset worth?  The answer depends on the questions you are asking and the amount of difficulty involved in getting to the answers.  To be sure, these data are incredibly valuable to you.  It will certainly be valuable to the scientific researchers you may collaborate with, and the institution you are affiliated with. It could literally …

CTT Deploying a Tracker on a Brown Pelilcan

Take a look at a recent deployment project we contributed to. (Ours is the one with no external antenna!) If you’re a Wildlife Biologist, and you want to see the data from this bird for yourself, let us know when you’re available for a quick chat. We’ll send you a 32GB USB3 thumb drive with the data on it!


This year, we have expanded the species for which our pioneering CTT® FlightMode™ duty cycle is compatible. Since the spring of 2017, we have been working closely with PhD student Randy Knapik (Michigan State University) to roll out and test FlightMode™ for Mute Swans (Cygnus olor).

A Golden Eagle Research Subject with a CTT Tracking Device Attached

Abstract: Identifying Eagle Behaviors Using Low-Cost Activity Indices at Bio-Logging6

Identifying Eagle Behaviors Using Low-Cost Activity Indices Derived from High-Cost Accelerometry Data TRICIA MILLER*, SHELDON BLACKSHIRE, ANDREW MCGANN, ROBERT FOGG, and MICHAEL LANZONE, Cellular Tracking Technologies, Rio Grande, NJ, U.S.A. Recent advances in telemetry devices have made it possible to collect and recover acceleration data using cellular phone networks (GSM) that typically have larger coverage areas than traditional UHF base …

A Golden Eagle Research Subject with a CTT Tracking Device Attached

Abstract: Quantifying Bald and Golden Eagle Behavior at Bio-Logging6

Quantifying Bald and Golden Eagle Behavior Using High Frequency GPS Sampling and Accelerometry Data *MICHAEL LANZONE (michael.lanzone@celltracktech.com), ANDREW MCGANN, TRICIA MILLER, ROBERT FOGG, SHELDON BLACKSHIRE, Cellular Tracking Technologies, Rio Grande, NJ. Critical to understanding energy budgets is understanding how an animal spends its time. To improve our understanding of energy budgets, we continuously tracked six Bald Eagles (Halieeatus leucocephalus) and …

The Design Factor

Wildlife telemetry devices are an incredible aid to your project. So long as you can get them in time, they are easy to activate, they are reliable, and the data is presented well. Design is key in all these areas. A wildlife telemetry device’s design impacts the level of time needed to manufacture them and reliability. In wildlife research, management …

Is Telemetry Product Availability Causing Your Project Problems?

What does it mean for your songbird biology research, wildlife consulting or wildlife management project when a telemetry device manufacturer can’t make your timeline? Lost time can mean, for graduate students in particular, the project may never get completed. Not a strong way to start your career.

The Perfect Telemetry Device for Small Birds?

There have been some incredible advances in the electronic tracking devices used in wildlife research. Telemetry devices have shrunk in weight, for sure, but there are trade-offs to realize the weight advantages. What would you need to see to call the tracking devices you’d likely use in your next project ideal? Here are some points that we think are very …