CTT Base Stations

Gained from years of field experience, CTT brings you the best ideas and electronic performance the 21st century has to offer.

Consistency in hardware components means increased reliability and continuous upgrades via software. CTT® Base
Stations support multiple applications, as well as simultaneous transmission network options, giving you the absolute
best reliability in data capture. Mounting options and power options give you maximum flexibility in planning, and the
lowest cost operation available in this class of telemetry research infrastructure.

CTT base stations allow you to design the optimal infrastructure for your radio tag tracking project.  Multiple data transmission networks, including Argos, WiFi, GSM, Motus, and local storage on an SD card allow you to balance available services and budgets with project goals.

Simultaneous support for antennas that operate on 434MHz can be either omni-directional or Yagi directional antennas.  Using both types simultaneously offer increased functionality in CTT Life Tag™ and CTT Power Tag™ detections and post-processing data analysis.

The CTT Locator™ ensures your tags are transmitting correctly before you put them on your animal, and it allows you to find your tags in the field similar to the old-fashioned VHF technology.  The smart-phone app and dual purpose CTT Locator mean fewer items for you to buy, carry, and

CTT Locator and App

Easy to use CTT Locator confirms tag IDs and field location of tags.

maintain.  With only a couple of CTT Life Tags or Power Tags, you can start your wildlife research project at very low cost, and add to it each year.  This is because with CTT, there is less re-trapping and replacing of transmitters, so more funds go to expand your research.

Mounting Options include tripod, wall-mounted, tree/post, and mobile.
Power Options include solar and 12v battery, LiPo battery, or A/C (120v/240v).
Power Accessories offered are tilt mount for solar panels and optional battery protective case.
CTT base stations support our ULR and Life Tag transmitters.

CTT Node, part of the CTT Internet of Wildlife

CTT Internet of Wildlife Node helps locate tags in close proximity, compared to our standard base station, giving refined location data.

The CTT Node™ is an innovation that allows you to get CTT Life Tag and CTT Power Tag detections at close ranges.  Examples include nest box and area coverage for smaller animals moving regularly over your study area.  The CTT Node uploads received tag detection data to the standard CTT base station, creating a dense, high resolution tracking network.  Solar power recharges batteries in the CTT Base Stations and Nodes.

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