Groundbreaking Data Acquisition

Get unprecedented looks at behavior in ways that have previously been unimaginable! See the video of a wild California Condor with CTT transmitter featuring a 177 mile 1-day round trip!!

  • GPS Telemetry: 6 second Flight Mode interval
  • High resolution telemetry data only while flying
  • Activity-dependent sampling scheme
  • Video showcases 177 mile 1-day round trip

One day in the life of a California Condor. It flew a round-trip distance of 177 miles, and ended up nearly where it started its day.

Flight Mode Abilities

  • GPS Telemetry
  • Tri-Axial Acceleration
  • Activity
  • Temperature
  • Solar Power

With advanced sensors, you can detect takeoff, landing, and characterize in-flight behavior of your study subject.