CTT Life Tag™
Solar Powered Digital ID Transmitter

Why Spend Money for Small Tags That Last Weeks to Months, When You Can Have a Tag With Infinite Life?

The sub-gram weight and battery-free design of our new Life Tag™ allows you to tag
smaller animals, and not compromise the duration of the project. With different
attachment options and an affordable price, the Life Tag™ delivers the data you need
over the life of your animal!

Lifetimes of Data

The Life Tag™ delivers the data you need over the life of your subject! The ground-breaking transmitter identifies individual animals, and is part of the complete system only Cellular Tracking Technologies can deliver.

Lighter Than a Songbird’s Feather

The Life Tag™ was developed specifically to address the needs of small animal researchers. The simplicity of the system is the basis for the reliability and ease of deployment.

Complete System

Customize your own network of automated receivers, allowing you to record data across continents. Data are transmitted instantly to our easy to use web portal. Base stations support multiple studies simultaneously.


Lower costs = a larger study

The ground-breaking design was developed by Cornell University researchers and engineers and improved by Cellular Tracking Technologies. The CTT Life Tag™ is the latest in the legacy of innovations from Cellular Tracking Technologies, designed by and for biologists. Don’t settle for anything other than Cellular Tracking Technologies transmitters.

Product Features

  • Weights between 0.4 and 1.0 grams, depending on attachment
  • No battery
  • Space grade solar panels work in a variety of harsh lighting conditions, including ambient light and dense forests
  • Indefinite life
  • Advanced antenna design prevents kinking
  • 4 billion unique codes
  • One single, international 433MHz ISM radio band
  • Regional VHF bands options available
  • Long range, even with obstructions and dense vegetation
  • Modulation: FSK
  • 17.59mm x 9mm without antenna

Attachment Styles:

  • Leg loop
  • Backpack
  • Adhesive