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Classic Generation

Our Classic Generation CTT® devices operate similarly to all other cellular telemetry products on the market, but with much higher reliability. You can configure GPS duty cycle, server connection times, and even collect activity data. Our Classic Generation technology uses global GSM (with optional CDMA) making them suitable for smaller budget telemetry studies in nearly any part of the world.

There are no data charges with Classic Generation CTT®! you will also receive access to our powerful data visualization and analysis cloud service. And unlike other companies, we give you access to your data — forever.

Great news for United States 2G coverage: With our special agreement for extended 2G operation, your 2G GSM until will continue to operate within the United States until at least the end of 2021. CDMA will be available until 2020. Other countries are not affected by these sunset dates. Contact a sales representative for details on our particular deployment area.

The Classic Generation is available in a variety of standard attachments, including:

  • Backpack
  • Neck collar
  • Leg mount
  • Patagial wing tag
  • Mammal ear tag
  • mammal collar mount
  • tortoise scute

    Custom attachment and enclosures are also available on request.
    • Solar Recharging
    • Worldwide GSM coverage with optional CDMA
    • Configurable GPS Duty Cycles
    • Geofence-Controlled Duty Cycles
    • Over the Air Duty Cycle and Firmware Updates