CTT Development Services

Be the first!  When you need to get data for your project in a new way, and off-the-shelf transmitters and software won’t be right, contact CTT.  Get the depth of expertise to make the transmitters, duty cycles, base stations, transmission networks, and data analytics you need for your project to succeed.

The table below shows the range of skills and functions needed at each stage of development.  Some you may be able to perform, some may not be necessary- it depends on what exactly needs to be done.

Our expertise spans electronics, radio, terrestrial networks, satellite networks, material selection, board design and software development.




Hourly Rate


  PM $70
Ensures a formal process and required resources are efficiently and effectively employed for function, time and quality commitments.
  Architect $140
Evaluate overall scientific goal and proposed methods and defines requirements
  Field Applications Specialist $80
Contributes biology and transmitter system knowledge to ensure time and function commitments are realistic and risks identified.
  Hardware Engineer $120
Designs Circuit Boards, specifies power, designs radio/satellite/GSM communications
  Firmware Engineer $120
Designs on-board firmware to meet requirements definition
  Firmware Developer $90
Writes transmitter code and participates in unit and system testing
  Database/Application Developer $90
Writes backend data platform code, designs and implements database, participates in unit and system testing
  Testor $70
Develops test protocols, ensures transmitters and networks perform within specifications for power and data connection, documents testing results, manages testing processes.
Prototype Manufacturing
Hourly Rate/Materials
  Prototype Manufacture Labor $70
Ensures appropriate materials and assembly of prototype
  GSM Data $300/Device/Year 1
CTT standard annual data service
  Argos Integration $1,000/Device
Argos Transmitter integration, client contracts with Argos for data service
Travel, Lodging & Meals are additional. Travel time beyond four hours incur relevant hourly rate per role.
Engagements require 33% of initial estimated fees with engagement contract.    

Project Phase


Lead Role(s)

Phase 0 Arcitecture Architect  
  Project Plan
PM, Field Applications Specialist
  Field Applications Specialist
Field Application Specialist
Phase 1 Project Mgmt PM  
  Hardware Design
Hardware Engineer
  Firmware Design
Firmware Engineer
Phase 2 Project Mgmt PM  
  Firmware Development
Firmware Developer
  Application, DB Develolpment
Database/Application Developer
  Test Protocol Development Testor  
  Prototype Manufacture
Prototype Manufacturing
Phase 3 Project Mgmt PM  
  System Testing
Testor, Field Applications Specialist, Firmware Engineer, Database/Application Developer
  Client Documentation
Firmware Engineer, Field Applications Specialist, Database/Application Developer
Phase 4 Client Field Trial Client Researcher, Field Application Specialist, Testor, Architect This phase is likely iterative, making improvements with each trial, until you end the program.

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