CTT ES400™
Solar Recharging GPS+GSM Transmitter

All New Components and Firmware Reliably Deliver Your Data in Multiple Transmitter Fromats

Starting as low as 18 grams, the ES400 is the latest in wildlife telemetry. Significant advances in component technology are maximized in a highly optimized firmware package.


Far More Efficient

The CTT ES400 utilizes a more compact board and better circuitry that gets GPS fixes 40% more quickly than the previous generation, and is part of the complete system only Cellular Tracking Technologies can deliver.

More Options

The CTT ES400 is the fourth generation of the GPS+GSM category of wildlife tracking equipment, a category invented by CTT in 2005. Options include CTT’s Smart VHF™ and Activity Index™. Transmitter formats include backpack, patagial, ear tag, collar, waterfowl collar, and leg band.

Complete System

The CTT ES400 is part of the CTT Internet of Wildlife that uniquely utilizes tag detections from CTT Life Tag/Power Tag, and supports data transmission over GSM and Argos, while making your data available on the CTT Tabula™ portal.


The CTT ES400 enables you to design multi-level data gathering studies with collaborators on completely different species in common geographies. This greatly lowers the cost per data point for all participants.

The ground-breaking performance of the CTT ES400 is the latest in continuing innovations from Cellular Tracking Technologies, designed by and for biologists. Don’t settle for anything other than Cellular Tracking Technologies transmitters.

Product Features

  • Weight starts at 18 grams
  • New battery technology for lighter weight and longer life
  • Space-grade solar panels deliver 30% more power, providing you more opportunities for increased duty cycles
  • Multi-year life
  • Internal GSM antenna
  • Nearly limitless on-board storage of data
  • Advanced GSM modem and improved compression transmits more data during a connection
  • Optional Smart VHF to help you recover the transmitter
  • Ability to transmit to GSM towers from up to 60 km

Attachment Styles:

  • Avian backpack
  • Mammal ear tag
  • Mammal collar
  • Waterfowl collar
  • Leg band