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Evolution Series 200 ULR

For 2017, we are introducing a brand new telemetry technology: The Evolution Series 200 ULR tracker. With ULR™ comes low operating power, range that can rival GSM towers, and greater flexibility. ULR is perfect for smaller study species, nest box studies, remote locations, and real-time tracking applications. Customers can deploy ULR™ base stations to build coverage areas, just like the commercial mobile GSM networks and are field deployable for long term studies. Data are collected automatically and sent to our cloud servers for viewing.
ULR™ stands for Ultra Long Range. ULR™ leverages a recent breakthrough in spread spectrum RF communications which can give our customers license free data transmission with the same range as commercial mobile phone networks. ULR™ devices use less power and are lighter weight than our GSM/CDMA trackers.

Our ULR™ technology allows the user to deploy multiple Base Stations and build their own coverage areas, enabling data rich wildlife studies in very remote areas. Base Stations work together to collect your data, automatically. Our ULR™ Base Stations can be operated anywhere in the world. Base Stations can be either mobile or permanently deployed, harvesting all required power from the sun (or optional deep cycle battery).

Data can be relayed to our cloud servers either by GSM mobile network (automatically) or by a retrievable SD card, and uploaded to our cloud servers.

You can learn more about ULR™ on our ULR™ page.

The Evolution Series is available in a variety of standard attachments, including:

  • Backpack
  • New Ergonomic Eagle Backpack
  • Neck collar
  • Leg mount
  • Patagial wing tag
  • Mammal ear tag
  • mammal collar mount
  • tortoise scute
  • Implant

    Custom attachment and enclosures are also available on request.
  • The ULR™ Tracker

    • New ULR™ (Ultra Long Range) base station technology
    • Automatic download (works just like our cellular trackers)
    • Extremely light weight and small (as little as 5 grams)
    • 4 billion globally unique IDs
    • Range 10-20km from sky (3000-6000 hectares), 1-2km (300 hectares) on ground
    • GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou/Galileo quad receiver
    • Tri-axial accelerometer
    • GPS positions as frequent as 1 per second
    • New real time tracking data mode, as the bird flies
    • Build coverage areas with an unlimited number of base stations
    • Available in a variety of bird, mammal and reptile attachments
    • Solar recharging for years of operation
    • Stores hundreds of thousands of data points when out of coverage
    • Temperature logging
    • Flight Mode
    • Activity index
    • Mortality & illness detection
    • Geofence-controlled duty cycles
    • Over the air duty cycle and firmware updates
    • View and analyze your data with our powerful cloud service
    • Text and email alerts
    • SmartVHF™ option with rules

    The Evolution Series 200 Base Station™

    • Field deployable with solar recharge for permanent 24/7/365 operations
    • Very small footprint (paperback book size)
    • Automatic data upload to cloud through 3G cellular, satellite, WiFi, or offline SD card
    • View all your data on the cloud, no field worker required
    • Base stations work together to build seamless coverage areas
    • Unlimited number of base stations
    • Variety of antenna options depending on mission