Accelerometer Features


GPS Duty Cycles

Tri-axial Accelerometers are sensors that measure their acceleration relative to earth’s gravity separately in the X, Y, and Z directions. Each CTT® tracking device includes a tri-axial accelerometer to equip you with the necessary tools to answer fine-scaled behavioral questions. In addition to raw acceleration data, we collect and summarize activity which allows us to perform more complex operations such as detect mortality, identify behaviors, or change sensor duty cycles.

We believe data should be available at your fingertips, so all of our accelerometry data is transferred over the cellular network where it can be visualized and/or downloaded from our data portal.

Of all positioning technologies, the GPS data point is the single most important data element a scientist can have. Cellular Tracking Technologies has always been a pioneer of high frequency GPS data coupled with modern-day mobile network technology. We completely revolutionized wildlife telemetry in 2007, and continue to do so now.

In 2016, we continue to develop new ways to collect telemetry data. We have also have more sensors available than ever before. We can also process this sensor data to drive data collection behavior in ways that were never before possible.

By combining triaxial accelerometry, sophisticated geofences, triggers, rules and duty cycles in our Third Generation devices, we can turn the antiquated “Where am I every X minutes” question into the ultimate high frequency data tracking experience for any energy budget.

Additional Features

Our device will check in at the first of the month, regardless of duty cycle, if cellular signal is available, with detailed device health and position information. This will let you know that your tracking device is still operational and healthy.