CTT IoT Hub™

Connect your Bluetooth sensors to the cloud using 3G HSPA GSM technology!

  • Support for Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth Classic
  • Proven 3G HSPA Worldband Technology
  • Powerful cloud interface for managing, processing and exporting sensor data
  • Small form factor with custom housing option
  • Low power operating modes with up to 90 day battery standby
  • Optional GPS for mobile deployments
  • Internal antennas
  • Micro USB charging port
  • ARM architecture for loading custom applications
  • Optional Java application support
  • Programmable status indicators
  • SD slot for local data storage
  • Cellular Tracking Technologies can be your worldwide GSM service provider
  • Accessory port supports other technologies such as LoRa® or NordicRF
  • White label and sell as your own

Your IoT Connectivity Solution

You have your perfect short range sensors or appliances, but now what? With IoT Hub, you can create wireless coverage areas for your low powered sensors and connect them to the cloud without worrying about wireless access points, ethernet dongles, and cellular service providers. Our IoT Hub solution is a great choice for end customer deployments. With our white label option, available at no cost, you can package the IoT Hub has your complete solution.

Proven 3G HSPA Technology

With a powerful on board ARM processor and optional Java architecture, our IoT Hub is powerful enough to run any custom applications. You can also use our out of the box IoT Hub solution for quick to market applications. We also provide worldwide service offerings at an affordable price. This allows you to sell low cost service plans to your customers or integrate cellular service directly into the final cost of the product offering.

ARM and Java architecture

With a powerful on board ARM processor and optional Java architecture, our IoT Cloud Connectivity Hub is able to run custom user applications for any custom IoT need.

Powerful cloud connectivity software

Our IoT Hub contains turn key software that lets you connect your sensor network fast. Store and access sensor data in our geographically redundant cloud architecture, interface to user applications or your own backend. We also provide custom integration services.