Internet of Things

Connecting you to the cloud.

CTT IoT Hub™

Bridging Bluetooth Low Energy to the cloud over mobile networks. Custom white label and off the shelf solutions.

CTT Track™

Solar Powered Asset Tracking

Leveraging 10 years of experience with 100% solar recharge technology, our solar powered asset trackers can supply tracking data for years in the field.

Low profile. Weatherproof. Option for descrete rare earth magnetic mounting to metal surfaces. Works worldwide. API available.

CTT Notify™

Event notification and location

Introducing CTT Notify™, an event notification and location solution for cost sensitive IoT locations. CTT Notify™ is extremely small, ultra low power, and works anywhere in the world with cellular coverage. Corse position information is even available while indoors. Options for a variety of sensors, such as motion, temperature, are available. Each CTT Notify™ device comes with API integration and a variety of hosting options.

CTT Custom Services™

Custom electronic design and software for the cloud

CTT offers a full range of custom software and electronic design for your perfect IoT solution. With 10 years of experience designing embedded cellular technology, tracking solutions, sensors, short range wireless, and cloud software, CTT can help your company bring a custom IoT project to market quickly.