Ergonomic Mounting


CTT provides a variety of case designs to fit your species in the most ergonomic way. Our devices include batteries that are solar rechargeable, therefore the overall device life can be extended across multiple breeding seasons. The majority of the weight and size associated with each case is based on the battery. A trade off exists between battery size and the rate at which GPS fixes can be acquired given a steady input of solar energy. The page below provides an overview of the four main cases types we offer, and provides the recommended GPS duty cycle based on the battery and solar panel size typically used with the case.



Backpacks are our most commonly used case design and are the perfect method for a wide variety of wildlife.

Species using backpack

  • Large
    Golden Eagle
    American White Pelican
    Wild Turkey
  • Medium
    Snowy Owl
    Imperial Eagle
    Hooded Vulture
  • Small
    Greater Sage-Grouse
    Black Vulture
    Turkey Vulture
    Ferruginous Hawk
  • Extra Small
    Northern Goshawk
    Common Raven
    Crested Caracara

Unit specifications

  • Weight Range (Based on Battery Size)
    Extra Small: 25 – 30g
    Small: 31 – 40g
    Medium: 48 – 56g
    Large:  > 68g

  • Recommended GPS Duty Cycle
    60 – 120 min
    30 – 60 min
    10 – 30 min
    5 – 15 min

  • Dimensions
    50 x 28 x 20 (mm)
    62 x 39 x 19 (mm)
    66 x 38 x 26 (mm)
    101 x 44 x 27 (mm)

Additional Evolution Series Sizes (Coming Soon)

  • Weight Range (Based on Battery Size)
    Ultra Small: 20 – 24g
    Large:  > 68g

  • Recommended GPS Duty Cycle
    60 – 120 min
    5 – 15 min

  • Dimensions
    57 x 22 x 12 (mm)
    70 x 45 x 20 (mm)

Leg Mount

CTT leg mounts have been primarily used by projects studying cranes. The case comes with a mounting bracket with band information.

Species using leg mount

  • Sandhill Crane
    White-Napes Crane
    Common Crane
    Whooping Crane

Unit specifications

  • Weight
    Large: 45g
  • Recommended GPS Duty Cycle
    10-30 min
  • Dimensions
    74 x 44 x 26 (mm)

Neck Collar

The case is mounted a collar that can be pulled apart to fit around the animal’s neck. Releasing the pressure causes the collar to return to a locked state.

Species using neck collar

  • Canada Goose
    Greater White-fronted Goose
    Mute Swan
  • Leg1
  • neck close

Unit specifications

  • Weight Range
    Large: 30-48g
  • Recommended GPS Duty Cycle
    30-60 min
  • Dimensions
    52 x 39 x (12-25) (mm)


The CTT patagial case design has a bolt (Nylon or steel) that is attached to a base through the animal’s wing (ear for mammals). The streamlined profile reduces drag when the bird opens its wing for flight.

Species using patagial

  • California Condor
    American White Pelican
    Mule Deer (using ear tag)
  • patagial
  • patagial_rendering
  • Condor
  • 2015 04 27 11 40 53

Unit specifications

  • Weight
    Large: 50-60g
    Small: 30-40g
  • Dimensions
    83 x 67 x 14 (mm)
    50 x 45 x 14 (mm)