CTT specializes in IoT (“Internet of Things”) hardware and software solutions for low cost worldwide data delivery via global cellular networks. IoT describes the Internet connectivity of autonomous devices and sensors. Lightweight, solar-recharging, energy-efficient, and rugged, these devices are attached to wild animals and high-value assets for long-term remote GPS tracking & data collection.


CTT tracking data allows you to track animals throughout the annual cycle and across multiple years to provide unprecedented insight into breeding and non-breeding ecology. The extremely high resolution telemetry data allows for detailed analyses to answer science-based questions and to inform conservation and management actions.

Our Mission

The founders of Cellular Tracking Technologies, LLC have over 40 years of telemetry research experience between them. Not satisfied with the products on the market, they created the company in order to bring the newest innovations and highest levels of service to the wildlife research market. We remain true to our mission, and we are unique in our ability to work with you to develop new hardware and software advancements in pursuit of your critical research questions and objectives.

Cellular Tracking Technologies
The most reliable units in the business.

  • High spatiotemporal resolution
  • Highly accurate GPS
  • Power efficient data collection
  • Low Data Costs
  • Customizable geofence
  • Accelerometer
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Solar recharging battery
  • Customize case and duty cycle
  • Reprogrammable over-the-air

CTT produces telemetry units with unprecedented GPS data collection frequency. Previously, wildlife telemetry has focused on measuring where wildlife go. With CTT, we now know how they got there!

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